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Our Vision

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 11:49


    Our Vision


  We create opportunities in global commerce
  Truly understanding our clients and their business.
  Offering second-to-none transportation solutions.
  Being profitable - and delivering sustainable, profitable growth.
  Continuously reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  Offering our colleagues personal growth and a motivating place to work.
  Being innovative.
  Being good corporate citizens.

Freight Forwarding

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Monday, 10 June 2013 14:27


    Freight forwarding



We offer freight forwarding services for transportation of large-scale shipments through the port of B.Abbas .

The services offered by CF&S include:

  • Sea, railway and road transport
  • Loading and unloading of vessels in ports
  • Cargo handling in railway terminals and customs bonded warehouses
  • Preparation of customs declarations and cargo documents

If necessary, we also offer services, such as cargo insurance, quality and quantity control, marking, radiation control, supervision of loading operations and cleanliness control of ship cargo holds and railcars.

 We offer solutions for the transportation of the following goods:
      Sawn timber, hard and chipboards, plywood, paper and cellulose
      Metals (ferrous and non-ferrous)
      Bulk cargo (gravel, wood chips, peat)
      Bagged goods (cocoa beans, sugar, rice, etc.)
      Liquid fuels (gasoline, petroleum, oil products etc.)
      Chemical products (e.g. fertilizers in big-bags)
         ▪      frozen food products (meat, fish, fruit, etc.)

Road Transport

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Monday, 10 June 2013 14:27


    Road Transport



 Varzandeh Tarabar is a specialist in Road Transportation of all types of Cargo, Reefer or dry as well as oversize equipment. The wide range of equipment supported by  professional and experienced personnel monitoring the cargo movement 24 hours, 365 days, guarantees reliable, safe and fast transportation of goods which can  easily match each customer's expectations.The transportation of goods is covered by C.M.R terms & conditions ,The Company owns a modern fleet of tractive units ,  refrigerated trailers (single or dual temperature) as well flat platforms, tilt and mega trailers.Full load and part loads are collected continuously every day for clients  throughout the whole of Europe for direct shipment to destinations.Groupage is consolidated at the Varzandeh Tarabar terminal and forwarded promptly on regular  line services to Europe, Central Asia and Middle east. Our Varzandeh Tarabar network offers efficient transport solutions for your groupage consignments on a regular  basis in via our gateways Tehran - according to a fixed schedule, with frequent departures and at competitive rates. Transport times are minimized with direct load  transit, while cargo handling is reduced.

Varzandeh Tarabar is a leader In Middle Ease in International Transportation and also ranks high amongst those firms involved in inter-modal routings.

      * Collection of part and full loads throughout all Europe 48 hours

      *Regular groupage departures ex the Varzandeh Tarabar terminal In Tehran

      *Experienced agency partners in all Europe and Middle East countries – prompt arrival - and discharge – feedback

      *Transit control via GPS

       *Collection of Ex Work In Europe possible

       *Direct Door to Door transport from Iran to all countries In Europe, Central Asia and Middle east

       *Optimal transit time

If required FIATA bill of lading can be also issued for our truck shipment.



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Monday, 10 June 2013 14:26






 Varzandeh Tarabar has its own site bin Shahid Rajaee Bandar Abbas a special economic zone which is considered as one of the most leading private terminals there.  the place contains a large area of indoor and outdoor warehouses with a capacity of 650 containers of 40’ and 1300 containers of 20’.

 Equipment and services: 100000 sqm open warehouses is dedicated for handling of different types of cargoes whether in unit break bulk, bulk or in containers.

 These warehouses are situated at the best location of Bandar Abbas loading/discharging terminals.

 The fully equipped 35000 sqm open warehouse is made of reinforced concrete ground at covered Shahid Rajaee ports, which is ready to be used by all kind of non-  hazardous goods.

 5000 sqm covered warehouse is available at the special economic zone, which is adjusted to load/discharged from/to wagon and truck for all kind of cargo which need  more care protection.

 Varzandeh Tarabar terminal provides the following services:

 Lifting and handling of equipment’s for all types and tonnages of unitized cargoes.

 Stuffing/de-stuffing of any type ISO containers.

 Repositioning and hauling of containers to different container yards.

 Monitoring and protecting of cargoes up the time of delivery.

 Custom clearance and documentation in the shortest period.

 Transit services to major CIS countries and Iranian free zones.


Refeer Cargo

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Monday, 10 June 2013 14:25


     Refeer Cargo



Reefers are refrigerated shipping containers typically used to transport cargo requiring temperature-controlled conditions such as vegetables, fruit, fish, protein or other commodities. This enables customers to expand into new markets and capitalize on new opportunities.


Lcl Shipment

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Monday, 10 June 2013 14:16


     Lcl Shipment



Varzandeh Tarabar is offering global Import LCL shipment and parcel delivery service from Far East, Europe, United Emirates, to Iran, guarantee customers satisfaction and freight delivery door to door, at the fastest transit time possible and cost effective way available to industrial and commercial organizations and to private individuals.

Varzandeh Tarabar LCL shipments and parcel delivery services providing the most competitive door pick-up pricing, as well as the flexibility of dropping LCL cargo locally at any one of Varzandeh Tarabar‘s 7 conveniently located warehouses in the European ports & cities.

From our online services for quotations and bookings your shipments to our personalized, hands-on approach, understanding our customers’ needs and providing the utmost in customer care and high quality service as our top priority.



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Saturday, 08 June 2013 08:57





A Responsible Business Partner

Varzandeh Tarabar will exercise due care to protect our name and our values. Priority issues include responsible procurement, respect for human and labor rights, and protection of the transportation environment.

The Preferred Choice for Customers

Varzandeh Tarabar will work to enable transparency and choice for our customers, supporting their efforts to create more sustainable supply chains and partnering on leadership initiatives to create joint value for sustainable profitable growth.


Mr. Mehrzad Moein Ansari

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Saturday, 08 June 2013 08:52


      Mr. Mehrzad Moein Ansari



( Member Of Board )

Mehrzad Moein Ansari joined the Varzandeh Tarabar in 1994 as a member of board.

He holds an Executive English Language from Tehran University in Tehran, Iran. 

Mehrzad is married, has 3 children and lives in Vienna / Austria .

Mr. Mehrshad Moein Ansari

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Saturday, 08 June 2013 08:49


    Mr. Mehrshad Moein Ansari



Chief Executive Board ( Member Of Board )

Mehrshad Moein Ansari joined the Varzandeh Tarabar in 1994 as a Chief Board Officer.

He holds an Executive MBA in USA. 

Mehrshad lived in Tehran with his wife and two children.


    Mr. Hossein Shohreh Shahriar



Chief Executive Board ( Member Of Board )

Hossein Shohreh Shahriar founded what would become the Varzandeh Tarabar in 1996. Prior to settling in Tehran that year.

Hossein had worked in Italy.

Hossein holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanics from Torino - Italy Polytechnic School.

Hossein is married, has 2 children and lives in Tehran.

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