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Connecting the dots in Middle East


Varzandeh Tarabar is a major player on the Middle East trade and Varzandeh Tarabar strives to create long-term value by balancing social and environmental responsibility in all business processes with the need to remain commercially successful.With operations many countries around the world the Varzandeh Tarabar provides services to businesses of all sizes and enables them to find their place in the international market. Whether it’s connecting products with consumers, securing a stable supply of energy, or safely transporting the cargo that makes global trade possible, each of these markets has an individual story and requires a unique approach for doing business.


In the beginning of the year, we launched our new Network, connecting major ports in Asia, Middle East. Our goal was for our customers to experience reliable, flexible and direct services. Varzandeh Tarabar ship more than 4500 TEU cotton from Iran to Asia.


Varzandeh Tarabar are ready to develop for you the optimal routes and will offer the most efficient solutions to deliver your cargo to destination. This is done by controlling the process of transportation, contributing to the efficient interaction of all participants in the transport chain, which will optimize the cost of your time and money.


Varzandeh Tarabar - one of the largest Road Transport-forwarding companies with the Years' experience of work in the market of cargo transportations.It renders a full complex of the services connected with registration and transportation of cargoes by Road Transport.


Since 2004 Varzandeh Tarabar, has become an individual member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations.Congratulationsfrom the group of companies!



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